CRAVT created the interior for a restaurant located on the river bank. The restaurant has an idyllic view and due to its direct connection to the water, our main objective was to find a dual activation for the space and location, ensuring the restaurant would reach its ultimate visitors potential. In order to do so we maximized the locations potential by creating a small pier and a deck for people to embark their boat and access the restaurant directly from the water. We designed a light fabric roof that can be folded in entirely, creating an open-air restaurant garden, perfect for warmer days. As a surplus, the fixed glass walls stops the wind and extend the space’s period of usage throughout the year. CRAVT created an open kitchen concept with a special take away counter to serve people on boats. The bar area was expanded using handmade materials creating an extraordinary element in the middle of the restaurant space. The furniture layout is designed to have a hundred flexible seats with square tables that can easily be redistributed around the room. The combination of stone, fabric and wood, silver leaf patterns and raw sea shell materials contribute to creating a nice and cozy restaurant setting. We successfully unfolded new possibilities for the space and improved the overall vision of the site.


Silverleaf Mother of Pearl Pattern
Empress Green
S1149 Shell Mixed Colours - Infinity
S2035 Silver Leaf Champagne
Black Shell
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