CRAVT created an interior for a countryside stone house that was built in the Middle ages and is situated on the top of the hill with an incredible view of its surroundings. The house, which is a wine cellar, serves as a corporate meeting place. Keeping in mind the specific purpose of the building, the interior design allows for a free circulation of movement between the lounge, office, reception, kitchen, bathroom and conference areas. The wine shelve walls have been integrated into the entire conference area and bar. Whilst adopting sustainable forms of architecture, we incorporated specific low-cost solutions and applied a range of natural and renewable materials as well as a smart, efficient energy system. The wood, stone and leather materials with gold finishes beautifully maximize the light and play a main role in the design. A luxurious allure, combining a rustic, old stone feeling filled with contemporary furniture and decorative elements.

S6100 Shell Inlay
Parchment Elephant Gray
Black Onyx
S4301-G Selenite Stone Diagonal
S2223-M Silver Leaf Matt DKTC0709
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