Eggshell Inlay. A craftsmanship so unique it makes each item practically a piece of art. The art of eggshell inlay has become one of Vietnam's most traditional crafts. The egg shells of duck are cleaned and roasted. During the this process a large range of coloration can be achieved. 

Delicately fingered, keen eyed artisans puzzle out patterns of irregular geometry from broken off pieces of burnt eggshell. Each piece is carefully glued, one at a time, onto the mould. Special attention is given to the spacing and its effect on the overall design.

Multiple layers of lacquer are applied and the pieces are finished with wax which can be polished to high gloss.

A matte finish is also an option, creating an entirely different look. 

Eggshell can be used for a range of interior elements. At Cravt we see it used for the creation of panels for doors, frames and walls.

But it can also be applied directly onto round moulds such as vases and tables.

Eggshell Wall Frame
Eggshell with Lacquerware and Silver Leaf Inlay
Vase in Eggshell
Eggshell with pink lacquerware
Eggshell Kitchen Panels
Crushed Eggshell pattern on kitchen panels
Eggshell with Lacquerware vase
Eggshell Vases
Console in Eggshell
Eggshell inlay with golden silver leaf and lacquerware
Mirror with Eggshell inlay
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Eggshell Sample Gallery

Your options of patterns definitely don't stop here. Because of the hand drawn patterns, a lot is possible and our in house design team can work

together with you to create customized patterns if desired. Through the use of lacquerware and roasting of the eggs

a large variations of colours can be achieved.

S2360-M  pattern - matt finish 20x20
S2240-M light eggshell filled with crunched eggshell DKTC4106 - matt finish 10x10
S2219(M) Eggshell light to dark(matt)
S2280-M eggshell DKTE64 color 4 - matt finish 40 40x40
S2363-M S eggshell polished pattern - matt finish 10x10
S2016(M) Dark eggshell filled with black lacquer(matt)
S2012(M) Light eggshell polished filled with white lacquer
S2345-M eggshell layer pattern, background eggshell - matt finish 20x20
S2014(M) Light eggshell(matt)
S2539 light (S2014) and dark (S2016) eggshell half moon pattern
S2062 eggshell pattern 60 x 60
S2017(M) Dark eggshell polished filled with black lacquer(matt)
S2368M 20x20
S2380(M) Eggshell green(matt)
S2378 Swatch, eggshell blue TC-S04
S2261 Swatch, light eggshell polished filled with light pink lacquerware 75976 DKTC4206
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