Liquid Metal, an innovative and a rather modern application is really a piece of art. 

At CRAVT our craftsmen can create Resin Art with the use of Liquid Metal to be applied to interior elements, including curved ones.

Seen on elements such as wall panels, table tops and pillars. 

The sole use of liquid metal can yet create incredibly spectacular finishes. The metal can also be applied onto 3 moulds which can be custom made. The colour variations go way beyond the commonly known metallic colours such ac copper, bronze, brass. 

Liquid Metal Resin Art
Liquid Metal Art Table
Liquid Metal Gloss Resin Art Table
Liquid Metal Panel
Liquid Metal TV Frame
Liquid Metal Door
Liquid Metal Resin Art
Liquid Metal Panel
Liquid Metal Resin Art Desk
Liquid Metal Caviar Frame
Liquid Metal Art
Liquid Metal Caviar
Liquid Metal Ceiling Art
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A selection of Shagreen samples. Including many colour variations, metallic finishes as well as resin options. 

Liquid Metal Sample Gallery

Liquid Metal in Resin Art variations. As well as different metallic finishes on 3D moulds or flat surfaces.

Combinations of metals create colour variations as of course does the addition of resin.

S20060 Swatch bronze river liquid metal
S200052 Swatch, large black with bronze liquid metal rush-Edit
S200036 Swatch, brown sea liquid metal gold islands-Edit
S200030 Swatch, brown liquid metal with gold islands-Edit
S200043 Swatch, gold on gold liquid metal islands
S20061 Swatch bronze liquid metal islands
S200014 Swatch, green avatar gold liquid metal
S20002 Swatch, reptila brass patina
S20035 Swatch, blue sea silvet black liquid metal islands-Edit
S20016 Swatch, ocean blue sea crack liquid-Edit
S200021 Swatch, ocean blue nickel liquid metal divide
S20044 Swatch blue nickel islands liquid metal purple shelv
S20037 Swatch liquid metal bronze silver glitter sea with gold island
S200038 Swatch, liquid metal nickel silver sea with gold pearl islands
S200041 Swatch, pearl silver with gold liquid metal islands
S20064 Swatch liquid metal bronze drops
S200046 Swatch, bronze and blue nature cracks
S20042 Swatch old green bronze liquid metal cracks
S20063 Swatch liquid metal bark pattern
S20005 Swatch, fluted peweter
S200013 Swatch, bronze liquid metal antique bubble-2
S200031 Swatch, antique bronze liquid metal earth cracks
S20015 Swatch, resin stingray liquid metal blue eye-2
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