Mother of Pearl, the reflective substance that is found on the inside of a mollusc shell, has for years been known as a unique interior material. 

Once harvested, artisans cut the shells into the predetermined shapes to create the most intricate designs. 

The cut pieces of Mother of Pearl are around 2mm thick. Patterns are usually drawn onto the mould, and the pieces of Mother of Pearl, at times cut the incredible precision, are glued on the surface pattern and finally polished to the desired finish. 

Mother of Pearl can be used for the full finish of an element such as vases, wash basins and tables. MOP can also be used to create incredible wall panels, to cover pillars or for example doors. 

To another extent, Mother of Pearl is used in decorative ways, to fill drawings to create a unique finish, making every item, an ever lasting eye catcher. 

Kitchen Panel in Mother of Pearl
Bath Tub in Mother of Pearl
Raw Mother of Pearl Vase
Pillar Mother of Pearl
Ladybird details in Mother of Pearl
Silver Leaf Vase  Mother of Pearl
Wall Element
Vase with Mother of Pearl pattern
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Mother of Pearl Sample Gallery

Mother of Pearl can be cut into a large range of patterns. Below an insight into some Mother of Pearl finishes. From Brown MOP, White Yellow MOP to RAW MOP, within the Pearl there are many ranges. MOP is often seen in different shapes such as cracked, diamond shaped, blocks or Cravt's staple; the Crazy Cut. Mother of Pearl patterns are created using Lacquerware to define the finish. ​

S3050 shell white MOP cracked
S1186 Shell whiteyellow MOP cracked
S1316 white MOP squares diamond shape inlay 5 x 5
S2506 Swatch, MOP white polished, S2037 black lacquer lines
S2548 MOP with white lacquer leaves patter
S2056 MOP - lacquerware black DKTC0506 20 x 20
S2465 Swatch, MOP pink rectangles filled with black lacquerware
S2318(M) Blue MOP polished block (matt)
S7079 Swatch, crazy cut abalone (combined cracked MOP) - MOP (Large)
S2073 MOP pink - black lacquer 25 x25
S6163 MOP pink
S1164 Raw MOP cracked finish #3
S1253 Raw black MOP cracked
S2384-M Swatch MOP blue TC-S10 - matt finish 10x10
S2382 MOP purple TC-S08 10x10
S2385(M) MOP light green(matt)
S1074 shell multicolours
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