CRAVT developed the extension and renovation of a residential house, located in the Dutch countryside. Combining a modern and traditional aesthetic, working from the pitch roof at the core of our design process. The archetypal shape is sliced in vertical axes, unfolding a new interior scenario and generating different volumes. A cantilevered main bedroom and, in contrary, a narrow vertical space that contains the staircase together with plans climbing from the exterior. An elevated staircase at the side of the building welcomes you to enter the house, whilst at the back, the ground has been lowered to create a more intimate outdoor space. Furthermore, we incorporated terraces at both sides of the building, ensuring sun and shade can be enjoyed from each side at any time of the day. The window positions have been aligned in a non linear manner to create a dynamic exterior. For the outside we used a combination of warm and traditional materials such as cane, wood and stucco. Whilst for the interior we used lighter tones of stone in contrast with wood and leather.


Wood Bump
S2250 Swatch, silver leaf DKTC0508
S4301-G Swatch, selenite stone diagonal rectangles on glass base
S1166 Swatch, shell raw MOP cracked finish #1
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