Sea shells are a typically beautiful material. Their unique texture makes them an ideal decorative element in interiors. ​

Processing seashells is a difficult task. The craftsmen rely on knowledge that has been passed on from ancestors and years of experience. 

Shell might be one of the materials with the largest range of variations. From entire items to ornaments. Sea shells are unique and

there is a shell suitable for every interior story. 

Table Detail in Shell
Panel in side LED pennshell
Table Lap in range of shell
Door Handle in shell
Wall Panel in Shell Circular Pattern
White Capiz Wall Panel
Vase with shell inlay
Wash basin and mirror in shell detai
Floor Lamp with Shell inlay
Vase with Shell
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Shell Sample Gallery

Endless options and variations when it comes to the applications of shell. 

S1020 Swatch, shell white kabibe with stonecast (20%) radica
S1337-M Swatch, shell white kabibe rectangles (20x4mm) matt finish
S1015 Swatch, shell black tab radica
S1004 Swatch, shell dots white and brown with white grout
S7051 Swatch, white capiz - seashell
S7052 Swatch, gold capiz - seashell
S9048 Swatch, shell pattern 13,5 x 9 x 3
S7083 Swatch, rectangular black penshell cut bata - MOP
S1176 Swatch, agate shell black blocks
S1029 Swatch, natural shell crazycut 20 x 20 x 3
S1013 Swatch, shell brown lip crazycut  20 x 20 x 3
S1017 Swatch, shell black tab with stainless steel (80%) crazycut 60 x 60 x 3
S1342 Swatch, caorie crack polished
S1112 Swatch, shell raw tagnipis cracked blocks 20 x 20 x 2
S1258 Swatch, shell transculent young pen shell tab 37 dark to light polished
S2390 10x10
S1350 Swatch, infinity kabibe hms, black lip, mop, ivory resin
S1220 Swatch, pennshell raw pinaypay and black lip polished 60 x 60 x 4,5
S1177-M Swatch, shell brown lip blocks
S3074 Swatch, shell paua green
S6101 Swatch, shell inlay on wooden base 25 x 25 x 1
S1298 Swatch, shell red tab cracking
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