Stingray, phantoms of the deep have captured the mind and imaginations for centuries. Their strong image perfectly represents their skin,

which is rough and tough but gorgeous. Both stingray and shark skins are commonly called "shagreen" and with the launch of resin versions this has become the more commonly found term for this material.

Due to the combination of this leather's extreme toughness and elastic softness, it requires great patience and skill to produce flawless products. 

Shagreen Cabinet
Shagreen Cabinet
Shagreen Cabinet
Shagreen Wall Panel
Shagreen Cabinet
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Shagreen Sample Gallery

A selection of Shagreen samples. Including many colour variations, metallic finishes as well as resin options. 

S3244 new elephant grey stingray.jpg
S1386 resin stingray antique silver
S3097 shagreen navy blue
S3238 gold leaf antique shagreen
S3120 Shagreen caviar
S3138 shagreen - silver leaf wash
S3248  coffee, white samenuri cracking pattern
S3021 squares navy blue 40 x 40 x 2
S3086 golden glow stingray
S3037 stingray bleached white
S3101 Tangerine stingray
S3517 stingray emerald
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