Silver Leaf, a variation of Gold Leaf which has our preference for many reasons, such as durability. After the silver is beaten into leaves the the gilding of the silver leaf is done by artisans who with great patience and incredible skill place the leaves. 

At CRAVT we pride ourselves for the patterns and art pieces we create with silver leaf for. With the support of our team any drawing can be made into a technical sheet with which our craftsman create the unique art pieces. Lacquerware often comes into play here another option is to include shell, eggshell or Mother of Pearl pieces. 

Silver Leaf can also be applied onto moulds such as vases, planters, storage elements or pillars.

Wisteria Silver Leaf
Room Divider Panel in Silver Leaf
Silver Leaf Panels in Counter
Silver Leaf Vase
Silver Leaf Vase and Lacquerware
Wall Panel Silver Leaf
Silverleaf Bar and Bar Stools
Silver Lea Lining
Silver Leaf Vases
Wall Panel Silver Leaf Lacquerware
Silver Leaf Bar Panels
Silver Leaf Reception Desk
Wall Panel
Silver Leaf Design with MOP
Silver Leaf Mirror
Silver Leaf Vase and Lacquerware
Silver Leaf Wall Element
Silver Leaf Vase
Silver Leaf Vase and Eggshell Inlay
Silver Leaf Vase
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Silver Leaf Sample Gallery

A browse through some Silver Leaf colour options, variations in Matt and Antique are also applicable. 

S2504 Swatch, Silverleaf Ice
S2035(M) Champagne gold silverleaf(matt)
S2034 Swatch, Silverleaf DKTC0808 10x10
S2117 Swatch, Silverleaf DKTC1106 on top of S23 10x10
S2434 Swatch, silver leaf S27
S2425 Swatch, silver leaf S18
S2419 Swatch, silver leaf dark blue S12
S2416 Swatch, silver leaf S09
S2418 Swatch, silver leaf S11
S2412 Swatch, silver leaf S05
S2408 Swatch, silver leaf S01
S2433 Swatch, silver leaf pink S26
S2428 Swatch, silver leaf light blue S21
S2226 Swatch, silver leaf green DKTC1009 green
S2431(M) Red purple silverleaf(matt)
S2034 Swatch, silver leaf DKTC0808 60 x 60
S2018 Swatch, silver leaf 7529C 4
S2032 Swatch, silver leaf antique, Silver  DKTC0108
S2033 Swatch, silver leaf platinum DKTC0708 60 x 60
S2023 Swatch, silver leaf 623C 1 40 x 40
S2039 Swatch, silver leaf DKTC1106 silver
S2028 Swatch, silver leaf DK0508  20 x 20
S2436(M) Copper silverleaf(matt)
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