CRAVT created the restaurant and gift shops’ interior design for the Ouwehands zoo’s Pandasia complex. The complex houses an endangered wild panda, from China. We created the interior using traditional Chinese elements. An exotic environment filled with Asian inspired furniture and a vintage touch of Chinese ornaments are created to give the restaurant a cozy feeling. Wall paintings are used throughout the space showing traditional Chinese imagery and the lighting is another key element within the design, the white and red lanterns spread coloured light over the tables. A derivative of the Pandasia logo is scattered throughout the space to integrate branding and create a coherent image. We used different shades of wood throughout the store to further impose a dynamic and vibrant contrast creating an inspirational, yet warming environment.


S7010 Coconut Shell
S2002(M) Off Black Lacquer 7C(matt)
S3064 Veneer Walnut Natural
S3240 Brown Lip Crack Shell
S1215 Polished cracked
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